3 Bits of Advice When Booking A Hotel In Downtown Calgary
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Date: Fri, May 10, 2013 @ 02:25 PM

Don’t Assume Every Hotel Is The Same

Things-a-Hotel-Won’t-Tell-You-While-You-Check-in            There are quite a few hotels in downtown Calgary, and every one of them is different. Here at Nuvo Hotel Suites we have 32 apartment-style suites, but few amenities outside of that. We have no café or restaurant. There’s no bar or room service. We’re a Boutique Hotel, and we have incredible rooms that are packed with high-end aesthetics and functionality, but that’s it. Essentially, we’re an apartment hotel.


Down the street from us and a titch closer to the center of downtown Calgary is our formidable adversary, Hotel Arts. They are also a Boutique Hotel, but they have 50 rooms, an outdoor pool, a restaurant, and meeting/conference rooms among other things.  They’re also a Boutique Hotel, but they function very close to your standard Delta/Marriot/Westin model of operation. They do have pretty stylish rooms, though.


Now the main lesson I want to drive home here is simple, if you are staying at a hotel brand that you have never patronized before, do not expect it to be the same as the last place you stayed at. There are several ways this sort of closed-minded thinking can bite you on the butt…


Parking in Downtown Calgary is Never A Sure Thing

Reserved-For-CEO-Sign-K-8574Some hotels here in downtown Calgary have their own Parkades. Most don’t. Some have open parking lots. Most don’t. In fact, the one thing that you can count on for parking in this city is that it is hardly ever free. I’ve mentioned this before but, in all of North America, Calgary is the 2nd most expensive city to park your car in. That’s right, the only other place on this continent where you can expect to pay more for the privilege of momentarily halting your car is Manhattan.


This awful parking situation has forced many of the hotels in downtown Calgary to come up with creative ways to deliver serviceable, reasonably priced parking to their guests. However, these solutions vary wildly from one property to the other.


Insider Tip: Call ahead and ask about the parking. It’s probably written down somewhere in your confirmation e-mails but, let’s be honest, no one really reads those things.

You Can’t Cancel An Expedia Booking Through The Hotel


expedia_old_logo            This is one is very understandable. You’re cruising around online and you find a great deal for a car rental + hotel room on Expedia. Naturally, you nail that sweet thing down. Then, the unexpected occurs; your boss is kidnapped by cyborg ninjas, you are attacked by a rabid Labradoodle, or after betting heavily against the Toronto Maple Leafs with corporate funds your COO is forced to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy, etc, etc.


It happens.


As a hotel we understand. The one thing we need you to understand is this: If you try to cancel that room through us, there is nothing we can do. Expedia (in this case) has made the booking for you. Expedia is holding your money. Expedia will not let us cancel the booking for you. There is nothing the hotel can do.


Insider Tip: If you booked a hotel room through a Third Party Vendor (Expedia, Travelocity, Hotels.com, etc) you must cancel through that same party.      
Jonathan Meier is the Online Marketing Coordinator for Nuvo Hotel Suites, a small boutique hotel in downtown Calgary, Alberta (to learn more about Nuvo peruse the rest of the site, or check out our Facebook Page). When he’s not at his desk, he’s usually out in the mountains near his hometown of Canmore where he can be seen climbing, skiing, or doing anything at all that doesn’t involve computers.


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