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The 2013 (Flood Resistant) Calgary Folk Music Festival...
I’m sure everyone’s heard by now, but for a while there Prince’s Island, the usual venue for the Calgary Folk Musi ....continue reading
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A New Dance Partner for Nuvo Hotel Suites...
Over the last year we've been doing our best to promote the emerging Calgary Arts scene here at Nuvo Hotel Suites. So fa ....continue reading
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>Why Is Calgary Called Cow Town?
3. cow town: An unsophisticated town within a cattle raising area. -Urban Dictionary   You may as well ask why Toronto is called T-Dot these days. Although, I suppose the co
>A Rookie’s Guide To The Calgary Sun and Salsa Festival
Our Boutique Hotel here in downtown Calgary is about 20 minutes away from the Kensington neighbourhood. Apparently, this makes us a prime location for travellers coming into town f
>Is Calgary Ready For the Calgary Stampede?
Last week the city of Calgary was flooded. It wasn’t great. Sadly, the worst-hit areas of the city include the Stampede Fairgrounds and the surrounding neighbourhoods. The first