Why Is Calgary Called Cow Town?
3. cow town: An unsophisticated town within a cattle raising area. -Urban Dictionary   You may as well ask why To
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The 2013 (Flood Resistant) Calgary Folk Music Festival
I’m sure everyone’s heard by now, but for a while there Prince’s Island, the usual venue for the Calgary Folk Musi
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>Is Calgary Ready For the Calgary Stampede?: admin
Last week the city of Calgary was flooded. It wasn’t great. Sadly, the worst-hit areas of the city include the Stampede Fairgrounds and the surrounding neighbourhoods. The first
>3 Great Breakfast Places near our Boutique Hotel: admin
Nellie's Cosmic Cafe Nellies is a Calgary Institution. For pancakes. A Pan-stitution. They have several locations scattered around the city, and the nearest one to our hotel in d
>The Best Gyms in Downtown Calgary: admin
Being an apartment-style Boutique Hotel, we’re always on the lookout for ways to enhance the services we offer to our guests. Not having a gym in the building (most hotel gyms ar