Tips For Business Travel in Downtown Calgary
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Date: Thu, May 16, 2013 @ 04:22 PM

Going Between Edmonton and Calgary? Use Red Arrow.

This is a great alternative to the two most commonly used options, driving yourself and flying. At an average cost of $70.48 for a round trip, it’s a pretty economical way to get back and forth between YYC and YEG. They’ve also got power hookups for your laptop, which enables you to get some work done on the way down (or watch a movie, whichever). The chairs are far more comfortable than those at Greyhound. Also, you’re not really missing anything in terms of scenery, if you’ve seen the prairies once, you’ve seen them all.


Travelling To Downtown Calgary Between May and October? Bring An Umbrella.

Weather in Alberta is notoriously wild. If you ask anyone who has lived here for more than a few years they’ll boast about having experienced snow in every month of the year. It’s a strange thing to brag about, but then again, we Albertans are strange people.

One of the positive aspects of our weather is how quickly it will change. We often get furious storms in the spring and fall, but it’s rare for them to last for any longer than an hour. We hardly ever get dumped on for multiple days. One of the downsides is the absolutely epic hailstorms the city attracts. This makes it much more worth it to bring an umbrella (that doubles as a hail shield) with you rather than a rain coat. Alternatively, you can just duck into one of the many café’s or pubs in downtown Calgary and wait out the inclement weather.


Travelling To Downtown Calgary Between October and May? Bring a Parka, and Some Shorts

On the flip side of the calendar, if you’re here any time anywhere near winter, be prepared for winter conditions. Calgary doesn’t really experience a smooth transition into a Spring season. Mostly, the weather bounces between summer conditions (20 Celsius and the pub patios are open) to absolute winter conditions (-18 Celsius, it’s snowing, and the windchill makes it -24). If you’re going to be here between during our volatile shoulder seasons, bring a warm jacket. Also, shorts. You’ll probably get to wear both of them in the same trip.


Need a Cab? Order In Advance.

There is, has been, and probably always will be a shortage of taxi Cabs in downtown Calgary. There’s a lot of different components to the problem, the Cab company’s don’t want any more licenses issued by the city, the city itself is the 2nd largest in North America (no, really) so what cabs there are get spread out over a huge area, and not having a C-Train route to the airport (only 4 more years, guys!) means that during busy periods it can be next to impossible to find a cab when you need them.

This is why you should pre-book when possible. If staying at a hotel in downtown Calgary, have the front desk make the call for you. Speaking as one of those guys, we spend most of our day on the phone anyways. We  don’t really mind spending half an hour on hold.


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