What's the Best Ski Hill Near Calgary? It's Not Sunshine, Anymore
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Date: Fri, Mar 11, 2011 @ 02:02 PM

A few weeks back I wrote an article detailing the Ski Hills near Calgary. In it, I had a few good thing to say about the Sunshine Village Resort. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to take those things back now.



I do however have some bad things to say now.



This whole issue revolves around the firings of 4 senior Ski Patrollers, and the subsequent wrongful dismissal lawsuit they filed against the hill. The Cliff Notes version is this; The owner’s son, Taylor Scurfield, and a few of his pals were caught in an out-of-bounds area. The avalanche conditions being in the worst state in 30 years, the ski patroller who found them forced them to return to the hill. Aparently, this wasn’t to young Mr. Scurfield’s liking, as he threatened to “make the Ski Patroller pay”.  So, within a few weeks 4 Ski Patrollers, including the patroller who found Taylor, were fired without being given cause. One of the men who was let go was given the explanation that “blood is thicker than water”. A protest led by the remaining Ski Patrollers resulted in another two being fired.

The Hill has since released a Statement of Defence that makes some pretty outlandish claims. It basically comes down to unsafe behaviour, though. Among many other distasteful accusations Sunshine is claiming that the management was, and had been for some time, delinquent in upholding saftey standards at the Ski Hill. Some of the the Statement of Defence is pretty vicious, and reads more like something Sylvio Berlusconi would be accused of. If it’s true, then it more than justifies the firing of these staff members. But, that’s just my problem. If it’s true, then that hill isn’t safe to ski on, and hasn’t been for years.

So, until this matter is settled I can’t in good conscience recommend Sunshine as a good, safe place to ski. If the Hill’s allegations are true, then the place has been a deathrap for a long time, and might very well still be unsafe, and if the Ski Patrollers’ allegations are true then I personally can’t give those pretentious, self-entitled fat-cats any of my money without losing a measure of self-respect.

Well, at least we still have Lake Louise! I am all yours my splendiforously snowy playground!


Jonathan Meier is the Online Marketing, Social Media Coordinator, and Senior Frozen Precipitation Specialist for Nuvo Hotel Suites, a small boutique hotel in downtown Calgary, Alberta. When he’s not out writing for Nuvo Hotel Suites, he’s usually out in the mountains near his hometown of Canmore where he can be seen climbing, skiing, or doing anything at all that doesn’t involve computers.

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admin Jonathan Meier is the Online Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for Nuvo Hotel Suites, a small boutique hotelin Calgary, Alberta. When he's not at the Hotel he's usually out in the mountains near his hometown of Canmore where he can be seen climbing, skiing, or doing anything at all that doesn't involve computers.

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