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    "I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone."
    ~ Leci (TripAdvisor)

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    "Very pleasant, great value for money, and in an excellent location." 

    ~ H. Rodbert (TripAdvisor)

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    "The rooms are spacious and very well equipped."
    ~ F. Pampe (TripAdvisor)

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Bumpy's Breakfast Boxes

The rooms here at Nuvo Hotel Suites are all self-sufficient apartments. They come furnished with everything from full kitchens to laundry machines. Because of this, breakfast with us a is a little different than what most people expect from a hotel in downtown Calgary. If you add a breakfast box to your reservation, this is what we put in your fridge:

Since we don't have any restaurant facilities on site, we make use of Bumpy's Cafe, a fantastic local cafe situated a couple of blocks away from us. All the food is made from scratch, and their muffins are probably the greatest in the world. Adding a Breakfast Box to your reservation is an additional $11.95.

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