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    "I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone."
    ~ Leci (TripAdvisor)

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    "Very pleasant, great value for money, and in an excellent location." 

    ~ H. Rodbert (TripAdvisor)

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    "The rooms are spacious and very well equipped."
    ~ F. Pampe (TripAdvisor)

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Parking Services

Nuvo Hotel Suites is a small Boutique Hotel in Downtown Calgary, a notoriously difficult place to find parking. While we do have more than enough parking at our disposal for most situations, it is a little different. We have two parking areas; one consists of 4 small garages located at the rear of the building, and the other is a set of reserved stalls located in an underground parkade one block away from the hotel. The map below gives an accurate reference of where our parking is located, but guests must first Check-In with us and receive a pass card that will allow them to access the parking areas. For the purposes of checking in and unloading luggage, there is a 20 Minute Loading Zone located in front of the Nuvo on 12th Ave SW. *We have a limited amount of stalls suitable for over-sized vehicles. If you are unsure whether or not your vehicle will fit in our parking areas, please CONTACT US.

Parking at Nuvo Hotel Suites

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